The Castle Café Opens at Kilkenny Design Centre

The Castle Café is situated in the heart of Kilkenny

The Castle Café has opened on the ground floor of the Kilkenny Design Centre. Situated in the heart of Kilkenny, right next to the iconic Kilkenny Castle, our café aims to become a destination for both locals and tourists, offering a delightful selection of handcrafted dishes, premium coffee, pastries, and more.

Nestled within the Kilkenny Design Centre and neighboring the historic Kilkenny Castle, guests can enjoy their refreshments with the stunning backdrop of one of Ireland’s most treasured landmarks.

From freshly brewed coffee to sandwiches crafted with locally sourced ingredients, and irresistible desserts, the Castle Café ensures that each visit is unforgettable. With seating for 30 indoors and additional outdoor seating at the rear of the center, our café not only serves as a dining spot but also as a lively community hub in Kilkenny.

Moreover, we are committed to supporting local artisans and producers, featuring a retail section that showcases a variety of locally sourced products, including preserves, honey, chocolate, coffee, and more.

Emmet Lanigan, Manager of the Castle Café and a native of Kilkenny, expressed his enthusiasm for the new venture: “Opening this café downstairs as the Castle Café is fantastic, allowing us to cater to both locals and tourists visiting the Castle and grounds or simply exploring the Kilkenny Design Centre. Since joining, our new chef James Dewberry has significantly elevated our food offerings, with his scones quickly becoming the most sought-after item in the café.”

We look forward to welcoming you soon!